Eezyreeder Bought Out Most of F. R. Farrell

I bought out most of the F. R. Farrell harmonica company that once sold on and I have been passing on the savings to my customers!  I still have a few items available, such as replacement Hering chromatic reedplates and reedplate/comb combos.

I can send you a paypal invoice for whatever you want. I guarantee you cannot find any Hering chromatic parts available a lower price new --that is if you can find any at all elsewhere!  

Most of what I bought is long gone now, but I still have a few Hohner 270 Super Chromonicas in various keys, including some that have been specially modified by Farrell, and some Toots Hard Boppers and combs. I also have some Hering 5148 with wood combs. Some instructional books and videos are available.

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