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Harmonica Nation: A Great Harmonica Web Site!

My Harmonica Reviews and guides on ebay

Here is a guide to playing blues on a chromatic harmonica.

Here is my guide regarding kinds of harmonicas, keys, etc.

Here is a very useful article from Seydel for new players on harp response.  Often the problem is not the harp --it is the player!

SPAH - Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica

Pat Missin's Web Site - Pat is one of the top harmonica authorities!

A great chart on Harp Positions and Keys

Dennis Gruenling's Web Site -  Dennis is a great player and there are a lot of resources there, too!

My Friend Isabella Krapf's Web Site

Here is an excellent chart on Harp Key, Position, and Song Key

Adam Gussow also has a fine YouTube video lesson on the two hole draw.