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Blues legends James Cotton and Charlie Musselwhite endorse and play Seydel harps as do Mark Hummel, and a growing number of professionals. These are some of the best made harmonicas in the world.

Seydel is the oldest ongoing harmonica factory, having started in 1847, and it was Hohner's biggest competitor until after World War II, when it ended up on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. It survived that period and is now coming into it's own again, but, unlike Hohner, this is a small factory still making harmonicas the old fashioned way, on old machinery, and by hand. However, they are taking the lead in innovation, being the only company so far to make a harmonica model with stainless steel reeds (The Seydel 1847). They take great pride in their work. I know, because I visited the factory in Germany and met the craftsmen there. Seydel is the only harmonica company making ALL their harmonicas and parts in Germany --and they are hand tuned!

I stock most Seydel harmonicas and tunings and also can get whatever else you need in just a few days. Seydel Harmonicas are offered in a myriad of tunings, including whatever custom note lay out you request!

Diatonic Models:

Seydel Session: A black plastic bodied harp similar to a Lee Oskar or Special 20, but sleeker in design.  Sets of 7 include one or more low tuned harp plus a 14 harp case.  Minor keys, low tuned, and an amazing array of other tunings are available.

Seydel Soloist Pro:  Features a beautiful fully sealed wood comb, rounded holes. Sets of 7 include one low tuned Session (if desired) and include a 14 harp case.

Seydel Favorite: This is an aluminum bodied harp similar to the Meisterklasse, but sleeker and with rounded edges.  Sets of 7 include one low tuned if desired and also include a 14 harp case.

Seydel 1847:  These have stainless steel reeds.  No one else but Seydel has been able to do this!  The 1847 classic has a sealed wood body and the 1847 Silver has a white poly comb and is dishwasher safe! The 1847 Noble has a black anodized aluminum comb. Sets include a 14 harp case.  Low and Super Low keys are the same price. Larger sets are also available at a discount.

Seydel 1847 Session Steel: An orange plastic bodied harp similar to a Lee Oskar or Special 20, but sleeker in design and with Sainless Steel Reeds.  Sets of 5 or more include a 14 harp case.  Minor keys, low tuned, and other tunings are available. The "Summer Edition" comes at a discount for 6, includes a 6 harp belt bag, and has a different color comb for each summer.

Please enquire about custom configured sets!  If you want more than 7 we can make a set up for you with the set discount price!  If you prefer individual leather cases instead of the 14 harp case, that is avalable, as well.

Chromatic Models:

Chromatic Deluxe:   Custom tunings are also available. This 12 holed chromatic comes with an acrylic comb

Chromatic Deluxe Steel:  A beautiful steel reed 12 holed chromatic with an acrylic comb and a round hole mouthpiece

Chromatic Standard:  This model is designed for playing out doors and has no wind savers, which tend to buzz in cold weather.  This model is not for everyone, but if you play at outdoor functions it may be just what you need!

Seydel Saxony: A Seydel Chromatic with Stainless Steel Reeds! The Seydel Saxony is an amazing new chromatic with stainless steel reeds and a aluminum comb.  This top model is a beauty and sets new standards for chromatics!  

  To see the full product line go to the Seydel web site: www.seydelusa.com.

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