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Yes, this is a pretty plain vanilla web site, I have to admit!  Eezyreeder is an authorized Sales Partner for Seydel, Suzuki, Hohner, and Lee Oskar harmonicas in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area.  We are one of the largest Seydel and Suzuki dealers in the USA. Eezyreeder harmonicas have now gone to every continent on the globe! I have an amazingly large selection of diatonic and chromatic harmonicas in stock --probably one of the largest inventories anywhere-- and I can order anything else you want. Though our stock is larger than most stores, this is not some big impersonal company and you deal directly with devoted harmonica lover! I've played harmonica for forty-five years and I play both chromatic and diatonic harps, and even fool around with chord and bass harps now and then. Unlike a big company I can offer personalized service and sound advice. (Think in terms of David and Goliath, with David playing a different sort of "harp!")

To buy harps go to our eezydeelz.com website for purchases. Credit cards and paypal can be used there. Not everything is listed there yet, so if there is something you want that is not there just contact me. I also sell harmonicas via paypal invoice sent to your email, or I can accept a money order.  Click the email link below to order harps via email or to enquire. I n addition, I sell through eBay and sometimes through Amazon. (Just click on those links to see what I have listed through those outlets  You will get a good idea of what is available if you look at my ebay store.) Additional items are available that may not be listed there, plus I can also order whatever you want from any major harmonica manufacturer, including custom tuned harmonicas from Seydel.

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*I bought out most of the Farrell Harmonica company.  Click the Farrell Buyout link to see what I have left.